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Raging Inferno

Type: Board Game
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Co-Operative strategy game for 1-6 players.

Raging Inferno

Across Australia but mainly along the East Coast in the summer of 2019/2020 communities were assaulted by one of the worst bushfire seasons on record. This is known as the Black Summer bushfire disaster. The creation of this game was motivated by all those volunteers and hard working Australians that have had their lives impacted (and sometimes devastated) by these events.  

Nerd Games will be donating 50% of profits from sales of this game to the NSW Rural Fire Service and other charities associated with the prevention and recovery from bushfires. This game won’t solve or prevent future bushfires but it will help educate people and keep the ever present threat in people’s minds!


It is late in the summer the land is dry and the rivers and creeks are low. It is bushfire season. Word gets around that the surrounding lands are like a tinderbox ready to explode in flames. Then it happens. A Raging Inferno is ignited and starts to bare down on your homes. It is too late to flee - you must defend the town until the Raging Inferno has been extinguished. You and your fellow residents are all that stands in the way of saving your homes and the lives of your loved ones. The weak and the injured are seeking safety and shelter in the Community Hall in the centre of town.

Game Play

Raging Inferno is a collaborative board game for 1-6 players. The players must work together to save the town from the Raging Inferno. Wild winds and a climate crisis induced heat wave make the situation very dangerous. Dangers (in the form of fires) come at the town from all different directions. The players must rally the townsfolk to Defend the town.

Dangers come at the Town from eight random directions. 

Defenders need to be strategically placed to combat these Dangers - ranging from Arsonists, Spot Fires, Bush Fires and the deadly “Boss” Dangers.  But watchout just when you think you have everything covered the wind can change and move the fires around.

Defenders operate in different zones - Scrublands, Bushlands, Farmlands and the Town Centre. The Defenders consist of Volunteers, Fire Fighters, Fire Trucks and the all powerful Fire Chief. You are also helped by lots of fire fighting assistance - Fire Breaks, Water Bombs and occasionally the weather might help.

You will need luck, lots of teamwork and some clever game play to save the town from the Raging Inferno.