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Climate Crisis Gameplay


The year is 2020 the almost 8 billion people on the planet face a threat of their own making as climate change seeks to wreak havoc across the globe. A multifunction team from across the globe is tasked with trying to save the people of the world.

The team needs to search the planet and bring together the best Scientists to work on the ultimate technological solution to our climate change problems. Will you be able to find them and bring them together in time to save life on the planet?

General game play description:

Players must work collaboratively to save the world from climate change. There is a tricky balance between moving to renewable energy, reducing pollution, stabilising population, staying alive and keeping enough energy to keep going.

The goal is to stabilise world population, stay alive and achieve environmental sustainability!

The players work together as they search for Climate Champions that will solve our climate crisis. This needs to be done all the while the population and pollution across the planet grows and the level of Greenhouse Gases rises. Take too long and the planet dies from too much pollution or the Greenhouse Gases get to the point of no return.  As the greenhouse gases rise the impacts from climate change increase and become more common – Bush Fires, Algae Blooms, Cyclonic Storms, Drought and Pestilence (Pandemics).!

Balance the needs for energy production from fossil fuels and environmentally sustainable sources. Keep the population with enough Food and Water. Players are faced with numerous challenges – you need energy to function but fossil fuels create pollution and damage the environment. Moving to clean energy costs time and money, and is not as efficient. Feeding the population with Dairy products can be effective but comes at the cost of energy and pollution.  All the while the climate crisis clock keeps ticking!

Each player has special skills that they can use to work together to save the planet. A highly collaborative game where players need to coordinate their actions and devise plans and strategies to solve the crisis.