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Climate Crisis

Can you help solve the Climate Crisis?

With just under 8 billion people on the planet we face a threat of our own making as climate change seeks to wreak havoc across the globe. This is a crisis like no other.

Climate Crisis, the game, is a collaborative board game where you and your friends (maybe even your enemies) can sit down together and try and save life on the planet.

Climate Crisis – the story

At Nerd Games our goal is to Entertain, Encourage and Educate. Whilst we are personally doing our bit to help the planet we sought out ways to help others to help themselves. What better way than to create a highly entertaining (but educational) game to get the message across about the Climate Crisis and challenge people to think about the way we all live and make a difference.

So the team set out to create the Climate Crisis game. This started as a labour of love in 2019, has gone through multiple rounds of testing (using volunteer child labour) and hours of design and rework. We are now at the point where we are ready to start what will hopefully be an environmentally friendly production of our board game. There will be no plastic used in the game (sounds easy but it is actually a lot harder than you might think), we are using non toxic vegetable inks and also items should be recyclable – or ideally you will hand your much loved game to another family! The team at Nerd Games will also take back any pre-loved games and make sure that they are re-used or donated to schools.

Help us make this a reality and help everyone toward a solution for the Climate Crisis!

Game Type: Co-Operative Game
No. of Players: 4-6
Ages: 9+ (13+ for USA purchases)

"Climate Crisis It uses a unique, realistic theme that shines through in the different types of tile mechanisms and not only helps you learn about climate change, but also gives you interesting ways to collaboratively save the world from it."

Dan King, the Game Boy Geek


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