Butterfly Effect – nerd games


Butterfly Effect is the game of unintended consequences. Can you explain what happened?  The Butterfly Effect, also known as Chaos Theory, came from the old age saying "A butterfly flaps its wings in China causing a Tornado in America."

The objective of the game is to create a narrative as to how a combination of a starting Action, Person and Start Location, ends up causing the Disaster at the Final Destination i.e. the Butterfly Effect.  Use your imagination to come up with the most ridiculous, the funniest story and find out if you can master the chaos.

  Here's one of the play modes:

  • Each player gets 3 Action, 3 Person and 3 Start Location cards.
  • A Judge draws a Disaster and Destination card from the respective shuffled decks.
  • Each player picks the cards they would like to play ie.which combination of Action, Person and Start Location cards.
  • Within a time limit, each player narrates the most ridiculous Butterfly Effect.
  • The Judge selects the winning explanation - the winning player keeps the Disaster and Destination cards to keep tally on who wins in the end.
  • Players discard the used cards and replenished with new ones.