Bankrupt: Bad Habits – nerd games


This is a fast paced card game where people are trying to avoid financial bad habits and not go bankrupt.

Living a lifestyle beyond your means? Gambling eating into your income? The debt pile is stacking up? Spending out of control? When you make bad financial decision and accumulate bad habits you run the risk of going bankrupt. Can YOU avoid going BANKRUPT?




  1. The objective is not to go bankrupt. The winner is the last to go bankrupt.
  2. Remove the 6 Insurance cards from the deck.
  3. Remove the 6 Bankrupt cards from the deck.
  4. Each player is given an Insurance Card – the remaining Insurance cards are not used.
  5. For each player 1 Bankrupt card is placed in the Deck.
  6. The Deck is shuffled. Once shuffled each player gets dealt 2 more cards from the Deck.
  7. Everyone starts off with three cards of which one is an Insurance Card.
  8. The game is simple – the less bad habits you pick up the less the chances of going Bankrupt!
  9. Each go the player picks up a Bad Habit.
  10. If you pick up the Bankrupt card you are forced into bankruptcy and out of the game.
  11. The only way to avoid Bankruptcy is to play an Insurance card. The Bankrupt card is placed back into the deck of cards by the player that picked it up. They may place it anywhere in the deck they like. They should do this in secret so that the other players cannot see where it is placed.
  12. When it is the player’s go they have the choice to play a card or not. Sometimes they will not be able to play a card. If they choose not to play a card they call out pass.
  13. If a player has 2 or more of the same Bad Habit type cards (ie Lifestyle, Gambling, Debt and Spending) they need to put these face up in front of them and they have to draw one more card. If the cards are exactly the same then they have to draw an extra card ie two (2) cards.
  14. Once a player has a set of Bad Habits in front of them each time another card of that type is drawn by them they have to draw one extra card – and place the Bad Habit down in front of them. If the card is an exact match to one of the existing cards they will need to draw two cards.
  15. Play continues with each player drawing a new card until all but one player has gone Bankrupt.