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Who Farted - Travel Edition

Type: Card Game

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The players are travelling along on one of those long family car trips. The road seems endless and the scenery just blurs as the car hurtles along the road. Everyone is well fed and feeling a bit drowsy after the stop a few miles back at the truck stop. All of a sudden it hits, a stench beyond belief oozes throughout the car. Windows are hurriedly wound down. Someone yells out “Who Farted?”

Can you work it out?

The ultimate game for long car trips!

Wind down your windows before you start - this could get stinky

A great game for long car trips - just remember to wind down your windows and hold your breath!

Sniff out the answer to Who Farted? What did they eat? and Where were they sitting? Each player has a whiff of the information and needs to ask nosy questions to solve WHO FARTED!

General game play description:

This is a game of memory and logic. You need to piece together the puzzle in your mind to solve who dunnit?

There are 8 Characters, 8 Meals and 8 Seats. 1 card of each type is put aside - this is Who Farted, What they ate and Where they sat.  Who - What - Where. Each player has to try and work out the combination.

Each player is then dealt 1 Character card, 1 Meal card and 1 Seating card. Any left over cards are turned over and everyone is told which cards they are.

Each player is given a cheat sheet with a list of all the Characters, Locations and Meal options.

On each player’s go they may ask a yes/no question of any player. Everyone can hear the answer. OR they have the option to call out the solution.

If they think they have the solution they say “I know Who Farted” they then say the character name Farted, after eating ABC food in the XYZ seat.

They then get to look at the answer cards if they get it right they win the game - if not then they are out of the game. Other players can still ask them yes/no questions.

There are 512 different combinations - can you work it out?